Visitors from Korea

10 students and 2 teachers from Kyung Bok Business High School, Korea came to SMK St. Mary, K.L. on 26 July 2013.

The Korean students and excited St. Marians who are taking Korean Language gathered in the meeting room to get to know one another and their culture. They spoke both in Korean and English with a little bit of sign language when words could not express how they feel. The students also exchanged gifts from their homeland.

Next, Puan Chang Mei Jin, senior assistant of St. Mary gave a welcome speech. This was followed bya speech by Mr. Park, the Korean teacher, who also showed a video presentation of the Korean school. The Korean students sang a song “There Is None Like You”. They also did a dance performance of the hit Oppa Gangnam Style. After a photography session, the Korean students and teachers were brought on a tour around the school. They then gathered for lunch at noon.